Life’s a game

My graduation short was selected for the Klik! animation festival in 2018. The last edition of Klik! before it became Kaboom together with the Holland Animation Festival. My…


Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of patterns. I’ve tried combining it with another one of my favorites: veggies! References in my mind were a cocoa bean, turnip,…


As an experiment I tried drawing animals using simple shapes. The next step will be to animate them. Here’s a work in progress of one of the chicks.


I used to draw these crazy constructions all the time when I was a kid. Here’s a recent visual fantasy of the house I’d love to be living…

Pattern Time

New water color illustrations!


A deconstructed hamburger made with watercolor and pen. Bun, pickles, lettuce, tomato, cheese, burger, lettuce, onions, bun.


Short animation that was presented as part of a live Beatbox performance during the opening of the Playgrounds Festival in Breda.

Cube walkcycles

Cube walkcycles made in TvPaint. Part of a workshop for the Master of Animation at Akv St Joost.


Aquarel and pen drawings.